The Complete Campari Spritz Guide: A Touch of Italy in Your Glass


Campari Spritz: A touch of Italy in your glass

Campari Spritz is an Italian aperitif that captures the magic of the country in a glass. This refreshing drink is a perfect choice for warm summer days or convivial evenings.

In this article, we will not only introduce you to a delicious Campari Spritz recipe, but also offer an insight into the world of this iconic Italian aperitif .

Campari Spritz: An aperitif with Italian flair

Campari Spritz has been a symbol of Italian aperitif culture for many years and is appreciated for its characteristic taste . The base of this drink is Campari, an Italian bitter liqueur made from a secret blend of herbs and spices .

Campari is mixed with Prosecco and soda or mineral water to create the refreshing Campari Spritz .

The taste of Campari Spritz is unique: slightly bitter, fruity and with a hint of herbal notes . It is a delicious way to start the evening in style or to refresh a hot day.

The taste profile of Campari Spritz

Campari Spritz is characterized by a balanced flavor profile . The bitter liqueur Campari gives the drink its characteristic bitterness, which is balanced by the sweet and fruity notes of the Prosecco . The soda or mineral water adds a sparkling freshness . Together, this makes for a refreshing, balanced drink .

The Campari Spritz Recipe


  • 6 cl Campari
  • 12 cl Prosecco
  • Splash of soda or mineral water
  • Ice cubes
  • Orange slice or orange zest for decoration


  1. Fill a wine glass with ice cubes.
  2. Pour 6 cl of Campari over the ice cubes.
  3. Add 12 cl of Prosecco.
  4. Add a splash of soda or sparkling water to dilute and freshen the drink.
  5. Stir gently to combine the ingredients.
  6. Garnish the drink with an orange slice or orange zest.
  7. Enjoy your refreshing Campari Spritz!

Campari Spritz compared to other drinks


Campari Spritz is an extremely versatile drink that can be enjoyed both as an aperitif before dinner or as a refreshing drink on a hot afternoon .

Unique taste

The unique taste of Campari Spritz sets it apart from many other aperitifs. The bitterness of Campari, combined with the freshness of Prosecco and the effervescence of soda , offers a distinctive taste experience .

Aperitif culture

Campari Spritz is not only a drink but also a cultural phenomenon in Italy . It is often enjoyed in the company of friends or family and is a symbol of relaxation and enjoyment.

Campari Spritz: A modern alternative

While Campari Spritz is undoubtedly a classic and flavorful aperitif, there are also alternative options that deserve your attention. One of them is CALOW , an up-and-coming drinks company that offers a light aperitif in a variety of flavors .

Compared to Campari Spritz, CALOW stands out for its low alcohol content of only 4%/6% and its lower sugar content . This makes CALOW an excellent choice for those looking for a lighter and less sweet aperitif . CALOW also offers the convenience of ready-to-drink, which are ideal for on the go.

Whether you choose Campari Spritz or CALOW depends on your personal taste and preferences . Both offer unique taste experiences that are perfect for different occasions.


The Campari Spritz recipe allows you to easily enjoy the Italian aperitif at home. Campari Spritz is a timeless classic that brings the taste of Italy to every glass.

If you are looking for a modern alternative, CALOW offers an aperitif with a low alcohol content and lower sugar content . Whatever drink you choose, enjoy the refreshing flavors and the convivial moment they offer. Salute!


What is the best way to store Campari Spritz? Campari Spritz should be stored in a cool place, tightly closed and protected from sunlight.

Can you mix Campari Spritz with other liqueurs? Campari Spritz is traditionally made with Campari, but you can try your own variations with other liqueurs to discover new taste sensations.

How long does an opened bottle of Campari Spritz last? An opened bottle of Campari Spritz should be consumed within a few weeks to maintain the best taste.

Are there seasonal Campari Spritz recipes? Yes, there are many seasonal variations of Campari Spritz that can be made with fresh ingredients.

Can you use Campari Spritz in cocktails? Campari Spritz can serve as a base for various cocktails and gives them a special bitterness and variety of aromas.

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