Low Sugar Alcohol - These alcohol drinks have the least amount of sugar

Alkohol mit wenig Zucker - Diese Alkoholgetränke haben am wenigsten Zucker

Alcohol with little sugar

A glass of honor... you should actually refuse. Even small amounts of alcohol can influence your perception, slow down your metabolism, inhibit fat loss and give you a restless night. It also removes water and minerals from you.

You don't have to refuse a glass of honor... Even small amounts of alcohol can lift your mood, relieve anxiety and give you a pleasant time. In addition, alcohol is not the same as alcohol. You can choose between wine and beer, pure or mixed, a glass or a bottle.

Which alcohol is low in sugar?

You know it from French fries or chips: Although they contain no sugar, they have a lot of calories . Because they are greasy.

The same applies to spirits: Here you can look for sugar, fats and carbohydrates with a magnifying glass - but they are still calorie bombs. Because their alcohol content is high.

If you want to lose weight, you can drink alcohol with little sugar . But also pay attention to information about alcohol content, calories and carbohydrates. They are all important - making blanket recommendations correspondingly complicated. 

Low-calorie alcohol does not automatically come with low sugar. The quantity is also relevant: you will normally be poured 20 milliliters of vodka, 200 milliliters of wine, and a beer can also be half a liter. 

However, there is also good news: you don't have to boycott your healthy diet and you can still drink a glass every now and then. We'll explain to you what you should pay attention to to have a clear conscience. And then there is CALOW : You have everything in one. Or better yet: almost nothing – except water, alcohol and flavors!

  • Spirits: At first glance it doesn't get any better: spirits like vodka or gin come as alcohol without sugar and carbohydrates! However, you shouldn't just refill yourself indiscriminately. Due to the high alcohol content, you can drink almost an entire meal with just a few glasses. If you also decide on a long drink like gin and tonic or a rum cocktail like Pina-Colada, the alcohol with little sugar is over. If you enjoy them straight, you can still use spirits as part of a low-carb, low-carb diet. Add fresh mint or a slice of lemon for variety.
  • Beer: It is not without reason that the most popular alcoholic drink among Germans also called liquid bread. According to the German purity law, it does not contain any sugar, but it does contain more starch and therefore carbohydrates and calories. The good thing here: you can opt for light options. But look carefully at the label. The term “light” can refer to calories as well as alcohol content.
  • Wine, sparkling wine: Rosé, red, white, sweet, semi-dry, dry... You have a lot to choose from when it comes to wine and sparkling wine. If you are looking for alcohol with little sugar and few calories, you are guaranteed to find the right thing with dry types of wine and sparkling wine. Basically, the number of calories decreases as the alcohol content increases. The sweeter the type of wine, the more sugar and calories are hidden in it.
  • Mixed drinks : You should avoid cocktails and long drinks if you are looking for alcohol with little sugar. Although the non-alcoholic additives usually make the drinks calorie bombs: Tonic water, coconut milk, grenadine or pineapple juice contain cane sugar. So leave it alone if you want to avoid sugar when it comes to alcohol.
  • Liqueurs : Whether you order a cream liqueur or an ice cream with cream, it hardly matters in terms of sugar and calories. The sweet, alcoholic dessert finish is also not suitable for a healthy diet.

 The following alcohol-sugar table with the additional information on the number of calories refers to a unit of measurement of 100 milliliters (ml)



Calories (kcal)

Sugar / Carbohydrates (g)





27 0.6







Hugo cocktail



Mulled wine









Malt beer






Dry sparkling wine






Red wine, dry



Red Bull









Wheat beer



White wine, dry







Alcohol and sugar: This is what you should pay attention to

You should hardly drink alcohol while following a healthy diet or diet. The problem is not just the alcohol itself, but also its effects. It stimulates your stomach acid production, slows down your digestion and inhibits your muscle building. In addition, a rapidly rising blood sugar level stimulates the appetite center in your brain and you get cravings for fatty foods.

Let's talk about calorie intake from alcohol. One gram of pure alcohol contains around seven kilocalories. Pure alcohol is considered the basis for spirits; on average, 20 grams of it are found in 500 ml of beer or 250 ml of wine. To illustrate: With one gram of sugar you consume four kcal - a sugar cube weighs around three grams. In addition, the pure alcohol content is not everything. You have to add sugar, carbohydrates, starch and other ingredients to it.

Beer or wine?

Can't you ever decide between beer and wine? The easiest way is to follow our tips on the pros and cons. But you can also calculate on your own.

Our example is based on average values. According to this, beer has an alcohol content of five percent by volume (Vol%) and no sugar, wine has an alcohol content of 13 percent by volume and a residual sugar content of five grams per liter.

First, convert the alcohol content into grams:

Alcohol content in grams = amount of liquid in milliliters x (Vol% / 100) x 0.8

According to this, 300 ml of beer has twelve grams of pure alcohol, wine has 31.2 grams and 1.5 grams of residual sugar.

Now you come to the calorie value. It is determined based on the calorific values ​​for alcohol of 7.1 kcal/g and for sugar of 4 kcal/g. 

The result is clear: 300 ml of beer has 85.2 kcal, the identical amount of wine has 229.65 kcal. In addition, beer fills you up more than wine due to the starch it contains.


You see, it's complicated. After all, the term beer belly exists for a reason. We also recommend wine as part of a healthy diet. With the following tips, you can always enjoy a glass of alcohol every now and then without feeling guilty:

  • Dilute gin or wine with ice cubes
  • Always drink a glass of water at the same time
  • Try the light, enjoyable alternative CALOW


What is the healthiest alcohol?

The winner is white tequila. The Mexican liquor comes without traces of gluten, added sugar or corn starch and regulates your cholesterol levels. With 100 ml you drink around 200 kcal.

Which alcohol has the least sugar?

Beer brewed according to the German Purity Law comes without sugar, and spirits are also sugar-free. However, remember that you have to enjoy it pure!

Which wine has the least sugar?

Here too it is clear. A glass of sweet white wine contains around six grams of sugar, the dry version only contains a tenth of that! This also beats red wine with 1.5 and rosé with 2.5 grams of sugar per glass.

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