These alcohol drinks have the fewest calories! (calorie table)

Diese Alkoholgetränke haben am wenigsten Kalorien! (Kalorientabelle)

For many people in Germany, alcoholic drinks are simply part of an enjoyable life and a varied diet. Germans over 15 drink around 10 liters of pure alcohol a year. That's around 231 liters of beer or 84 liters of wine. Even calculated over a year, that's still a lot. These values ​​clearly show the importance of alcohol in our diet .

In fact, it is used for a variety of purposes. For some it's an absolute party drink , for others it helps you fall asleep or is a way to relax and reduce stress . Still others use it to drive away negative feelings such as sadness or to celebrate positive feelings and successes .

Ultimately, alcohol is and remains a luxury food in our society - and that's a good thing. Because in a wide variety of flavors and a wide variety of styles, alcoholic drinks in moderation can add a certain spice to life. A warm summer evening with friends on the terrace and a glass of wine or a CALOW . This is a very special way to enjoy life and is somewhat reminiscent of the Italian feeling of “la dolce vita”.

What exactly does alcohol actually bring with it?

When people talk about alcohol, very few people think about the fact that alcohol also contains calories and nutrients . In fact , alcohol packs a lot of calories . 7 calories per 1 gram of alcohol - that's a lot compared to proteins or carbohydrates with their 4 calories per 1 gram. There are 9 calories more in just one gram of fat. In addition, calories in alcohol are considered “empty calories” because they contain very few other nutrients - but they contain a lot of glucose .

This in turn means that these calories are processed first by the body . So if you drink a glass of wine while eating, your body will first process the wine calories . Only then does he resort to the calories from food.

Alcohol as a fat burning agent
brake or: why the beer belly is not just a beer belly

Who doesn't know the term: When it comes to a corpulent, middle-aged German man, we often talk about a beer belly. On the one hand, because Germans have a reputation for loving beer. On the other hand, because it is generally known that regular alcohol consumption leads to more pounds on the hips. However, very few people know that the weight gain caused by regular alcohol consumption is not just due to the calories in the alcohol .

Alcohol inhibits the general burning of calories in the body . Calorie consumption is reduced. At the same time, alcohol creates cravings for savory foods in many people. Chips, salted nuts and the like are often served and eaten quickly. This in turn drives up the number of calories even further. In combination with the reduced calorie processing in the body, the cushion is created, which is often affectionately referred to as the beer belly. That doesn't have to be the case.

In fact, when drinking alcoholic drinks, you can also pay attention to the calories in the respective drinks. If you also pay attention to what you consume in connection with the alcohol and ensure that your body is well hydrated with an occasional glass of water , you will also counteract the reduction in calorie processing .

Which alcohol has few calories?

Does it sound like you have to avoid alcoholic beverages altogether if you want to lose weight? No way. Numerous nutrition researchers have recently found that completely avoiding things we like to eat or drink only leads to cravings and internal blocks to the diet. The important thing is to keep the right amount.

If you choose low-calorie alcohol , you can save a lot of calories in your diet. We have put together a table here on the subject of low-calorie alcohol . The alcohol calorie table shows that high-proof alcohol with few calories is rarely found.

Low calorie alcohol

Alcohol calorie table: Which drink has how many calories?


Calories per 100 ml

CALOW Blueberry-Basil


CALOW Grapefruit-Lime


CALOW Raspberry-Elderflower 27
CALOW Peach-Mint 27

White wine spritzer






Cyclist or Alster


Red wine


White wine


Rose wine






Aperol Spritz














Which alcohol has the fewest calories?

In general, you can keep two factors in mind when answering this question. On the one hand, the lower the alcohol content in %, the lower the calorie content of the alcohol in the drink. However, you should not forget that many alcoholic drinks also contain a lot of other nutrients . Cocktails with fruit juices or liqueurs in particular have a fairly high proportion of additional carbohydrates and calories from the fructose.

The same applies to sweet or sweet wines with a high residual sugar content . Here too, the number of calories can be significantly higher than shown in the list above. Mixed drinks with water usually have the fewest calories - be it the classic wine spritzer or one of the CALOW .

No water - what about the vodka calories?

Vodka is without question one of the most popular spirits in the world. But there are also calories in vodka. A shot of vodka has 47 calories . Therefore, the high-proof clear wine is not an alcohol with few calories .

Given the fact that vodka means little water, you can say that still waters run deep. Of course, there are calories in all other schnapps too. Extrapolated to 100 grams, the vodka calories are three times as high as rosé wine calories . Also in red wine stuck less Calories than in vodka.

One of the reasons why CALOW relies on low-calorie alcohol from wine. With less than 30 calories per 100 milliliters, our drinks represent a refreshing, light enjoyment and exciting taste.

The national drink as a fattening drink - Beer also has calories and lots of them

First of all, we would like to reassure you with the following statement. 100 milliliters of beer only have 42 calories . Now let's get to the crux of the matter. Germans enjoy their beer from 330 milliliters upwards. So a small bottle of beer has 139 calories .

So it's simple math when we say beer calories make you fat because they flow in huge quantities into the bodies of the increasingly fat population.

So if you have to decide between a beer belly and a summer figure, then it's better to go with the CALOW. With roughly the same alcohol content as a Pilsener-style beer, it has 16 fewer calories per 100 ml. It doesn't sound like much, but compared to a cozy barbecue evening, the beer calories add up enormously.

Time for a trend reversal - the hidden calories in the Aperol Spritz

Tart, fruity and absolutely on trend. The hype surrounding the Italian aperitif shows no signs of slowing down. Neither do his connoisseurs. Females in particular like to use the Aperol Spritz . La Dolce Vita in a glass, and with the sweet life come the unwanted calories in the Aperol Spritz .

A look at our alcohol calorie table reveals that 100 milliliters of Aperol Spritz contain a considerable 140 calories. Extrapolated to one glass , that's 280 calories . That's five times as many calories as in a can of CALOW grapefruit-lime.

So ladies fresh, fruity and tart are now also available in slim. Time for a trend reversal.

In vino veritas? There are probably calories in wine

We love wine, that much is clear. It's not for nothing that we gave the world a refreshing wine-based drink. On the one hand, this is due to the wine's calories , which can certainly be in line with our philosophy of light enjoyment.

But there are also small, nasty calories in the drink of the gods. When it comes to wine calories, we have to choose between Red wine calories, rosé wine calories and white wine calories differentiate. In our table we have the most popular types of wines taken as a basis.

We calculate the red wine calories in our table using a strong, dry drop. In order to provide you with a value for the rosé wine calories, you should use a slightly dry rosé wine, as, according to careful market analysis, this is more popular than dry or sweet representatives of the category. The most popular white wines, on the other hand, walk a fine line between dry and semi-dry, as connoisseurs appreciate both the complex acidity of white grape varieties and the fruitiness.

In order to save calories , people often resort to a spritzer, which is a shame because water really doesn't bring out any flavors from the drink of the gods. Unless you know exactly how to do it. Fruity wine, sparkling water and skilfully used aromas. This creates a “wine spritzer” that tastes good.

Two ouzos for my friends - or many ouzo calories for my friends

Who doesn't know the evenings at the Greek restaurant around the corner? Even before you have reached your seat, the waiter puts the first ouzos in your hand. The next round follows with the menu. And a delicious anise schnapps between courses doesn't hurt either.

With many other schnapps it makes no sense to base the calorie count on 100 ml. But we all know that 5 ouzo is a realistic value on a cozy evening in a Greek restaurant. But the bitter reality is also the 234 ouzo calories per 5 shots , which in addition to the lavish food, end up on your hips.

Where the schnapps calories come from

You suspect the calories in sweet liqueur or extremely nutritious beer. But there are also calories in schnapps . But why is that? Well, quite simply, it's not just sugar and fat that make you fattening. Alcohol also has calories . To be precise, 1 gram of pure alcohol has 7 kilocalories. Accordingly, there is no alcohol with low calories, only drinks with less alcohol.

As is well known, schnapps contains large amounts of alcohol. This has the annoying property of almost paralyzing the fat metabolism in our body. In addition to this fact, the schnapps calories also ensure that the dream figure is difficult to maintain.

It's a good thing that drinking a lot of liquor impairs your perception, so you can drink your reflection in a bearable way. Or you can enjoy CALOW easily and responsibly.

Is there alcohol that is good for weight loss?

Any change in diet is only as good as the stimulants allowed. Anyone who likes to drink a glass of wine should not go without it, even as part of a long-term change in diet. It is important not to overdo it with the quantity .

Spritzers or other alcoholic drinks with mineral water can be enjoyed much more easily. On a warm evening, an ice-cold glass of CALOW has several advantages : it refreshes, contains few calories and is therefore ideal for both your own well-being and how you feel on the scales the next morning.

Alcoholic drinks with carbohydrates – how does the body react to them?

If you are looking for alcohol with few calories , you should also look for alcoholic drinks with few carbohydrates . Because the carbohydrates from an alcoholic drink are stored very quickly in the body when the alcohol content is high and the calories from the alcohol itself are high.

Alcoholic drinks with a low carbohydrate content therefore do not have much of an effect on your weight. If you take a glass of CALOW peach-mint , there are 26 kcal and 0.6 g of carbohydrates per 100 ml of the alcoholic mixed drink. If you compare this to a cider , you will find 62 calories and up to 8.8 g of carbohydrates per 100 ml. A sweet rose wine has 88 calories and 2.4 g of carbohydrates. For those wanting to lose weight, mixed drinks and spritzers based on mineral water with a little alcohol and fruity flavors are more suitable.

By the way , alcohol with few calories and carbohydrates can often be found in the form of diet beers. These varieties are usually low in carbohydrates and calories, so the beer calories are lower. Sometimes even without alcohol at all. The same thing happens with other types of alcohol, such as gin. As an alcohol-free version, this has very few gin calories because the base is not neutral agricultural alcohol, but water.

Alcohol bottles

Conclusion: Drink alcohol and consume few calories - that's always possible

Ultimately, it is primarily the classic alcoholic drinks such as wine or beer that contain a lot of calories . Even though 100 ml of vodka contains many more calories than 100 ml of beer or wine, most people only drink one or two shot glasses full of vodka. That's just 20 - 40 ml. If you make a direct comparison to the average amount of calories in beer, for example, we quickly realize:

1 glass of beer (330 ml) – 138.6 calories
1 glass of vodka (20 ml) – 46.8 calories

So if you have a nightcap after eating, you're not really doing anything for digestion or the processing of nutrients in your body. The vodka calories are at least significantly lower than with beer and other drinks. If you like it refreshing and sparkling and at the same time are looking for an alcoholic drink with few calories , you can choose CALOW . The calories in CALOW are just 27 calories per 100 milliliters .


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